South London | Classical music concerts for baby and you

The critically acclaimed classical concert series for baby and you in locations across South London, from Richmond to Bromley and everywhere in between.

Bach to Baby in London - South of the River

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Miaomiao Yu
Miaomiao is the founder of Bach to Baby and runs Bach to Baby concerts in London. She started the series in 2011 after becoming frustrated at not being able to take her children to the sort of quality classical music concerts that she regularly enjoyed as a professional musician. In her own words: "And then I thought, this is silly: why not play for him and his friends and other babies and toddlers, at a kid-friendly time? The idea grew from there.” The first concert was in Borough and the series has grown and spread across London and the South-East since then. You can find out more about Miaomiao here. Miaomiao is always happy to receive feedback, suggestion or just plain ol' compliments :-) so please feel free to get in touch.
Autumn Season 2016
Concert schedule for September 2016 onwards will be announced shortly.
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