What our audience says about Bach to Baby

“I will continue to tell everyone I know with a baby that Bach to Baby is easily the nicest thing to do in London with a baby! Your concerts are such a highlight in our month (we’re faithful regulars), so thank you so much for organising them.”

— Catherine via Facebook

“Sidonie was captivated at this morning’s virtuoso concert. We love Bach to Baby!”

— Dominique Jackson, via Facebook

“I had so much fun!”

— Ethan, 3

“Today’s concert was truly wonderful! My little girl had so much fun - she just loves the piano. I’ve also just seen the pictures and there are so many fabulous ones that I can’t decide which ones to buy. Decisions, decisions!”

— Jenna, via Facebook

“OK, @BachtoBaby is our new favourite thing to do in Dartford.”

— @GrimKids via Twitter

“Really loved today’s concert! My seven month old was fascinated and even jigging away! Really great idea.”

— Samantha, via Facebook

“Wee Bel was completely mesmerised by the beautiful harp playing @BachtoBaby in Christ Church at Highbury Fields this morning.”

— Sarah McDermott ‏@mcdermottsarah

“It’s so surreal! It was all grown up music, but with the kids!”

— Polly, mum of two

“I recommend everyone do this at least once during their maternity leave! ”

— @little_lambeth, mummy blogger

“GREAT concert!! LOVED the music and your weaving in of stories.”

— Karla A., mother of 1, soon to be mother of 2

“Great! Music went dum dah dumda dum dumdah!”

— Arthur, age 4

“Very beautiful, emotional ... moved me to tears. The artists didn’t mind the children running around either & that’s important so you can relax!”

— Pam Lyddon, mother in Greenwich

“We have been coming to the concerts at St Alfege since she was two weeks old, and now that I am back at work, we book annual leave so we can attend! Thank you for such inspiring music and fun events”

— Caitríona, Greenwich

“What a wonderful morning this was! Freddie, Jack & Adam (2 mums, a nanny & a grandpa in tow) were absolutely mesmerised by the music - it’s fascinating to see their different responses at each concert. I think the violin enchanted them. Freddie was playing imaginary piano with his fingers all the way home!”

— Hannah F. Freddie's mum

“A concert where my children can dance and move to the music as well as see all the instruments without being hushed! Dream come true!”

— Sylvia Chan, mother of 2

“Lucas was mesmerised, mouth wide open at your fingers dancing across the keys.”

— Sandra V. mother of 2

“I think it’s about giving children exposure to the finer things in life early on. Why give canned soup to a child when one can make some from fresh ingredients! Why listen only to recordings when you can see the instruments in action by world-class musicians!”

— Cathy Cavanagh, grandmother of 3 boys

“I miss the possibility to go out for a real concert with classical music! Now I could enjoy the music the way I used to do before my baby was born!”

— mother in Dulwich