Birthday Parties

Classical Music Concerts for Babies and Children.  Group booking for nurseries and schools


Birthday Parties

Our birthday party packages include an interactive, themed concert performed by one, two (or more!) of our outstanding musicians, all of whom are experienced in performing to children aged 0 years upwards.

From a tour "Around the World" on the harp to an encounter with "Fantastic Beasts and Fairy Tales", a bespoke Bach to Birthday concert is sure to be a hit with your children's friends and family!

If you are interested in booking a Bach to Birthday concert, or have further questions, please fill in the contact form below.

Please give us information about the age group of children, how many children and adults you are expecting, and any queries you may have. You can include details of the type of concert/instrumentation you are interested in having and Bach to Baby are also happy to advise based on your child's party.