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Baby's First New Year

Hurrah, it's your baby's first New Year! Time to shower your little one with festive cheer, and share a fond memory with everyone you hold dear!

Lullabies to Sing

If you're having trouble getting baby to bed you need our selection of easy lullabies, chosen especially to ease both babies and kids off to sleep in no time.

Baby bedtime songs don't have to be lullabies, but we love the tradition of passing your favourites down to your children, and them down to theirs. While some of the older tunes can be harder to sing, we've chosen a wide range with options for even the most hesitant of singers.

Musicals for Kids to Perform

If you've been to one of our Bach to Broadway concerts recently your little ones might have caught the musicals bug – here are our top ten recommendations if they want to have a go at performing too!

While everyone loves shows like Hamilton and Mamma Mia, some family favourites are just not suitable for young children. To help we've put together a list of shows your child will love to perform, and you can enjoy together without worry. From Step in Time to You Can't Stop The Beat, these classics will have kids of all ages up on their feet and on the stage in no time.

Musical Movies for Kids

Bach to Baby loves musicals! There is no better way of getting your kids excited about singing, dancing and music. While you might have to wait until your children are a little older before taking them to a full-on stage musical, they will love watching them on the small screen with you at home, or even in the cinema. And the great thing about musicals is that they are usually good fun for the adults too.

Check out our list of the top musical films for children.

Music Books for Kids

Introducing young tots to music can seem challenging, but using musical books is a brilliant way to get them excited and learning. Interactive elements such as sound buttons and flaps will capture the attention of even the youngest of babies, while more advanced storylines can keep them interested as they progress through early years.

Here are the best musical books we've found for your baby, from their first experiences of different instruments to later forays into the world of performance.

Stage Musicals for Kids

Your first musical is something you always remember, so the choice of your child’s first performance can often feel overwhelming – Bach to Baby is here to help!

We've complied a list of our favourite child-friendly London musicals, along with an age recommendation and our top song picks to make your choice easier. Whether you’re looking for catchy tunes or amazing sets there’s something for everyone; if we could we would see all of them!

Christmas Songs for Kids

Your little one's first Christmases are such a special time to share with friends and family, and the best way to celebrate is to make some musical memories together!

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