Bach to Baby CD - Miniatures (physical CD)

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CD cover shop Physical CD 500x500.jpg

Bach to Baby CD - Miniatures (physical CD)


Bach to Baby founder and award-winning pianist Miaomiao Yu presents a set of her favourite pieces from the piano repertoire including nocturnes, dances, and miniatures by Bach, Mozart, Chopin and others.

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I’m delighted to present our very first Bach to Baby album: Miniatures. 
The Bach to Baby concert series has grown a lot since my first piano recital in February 2011, but the fundamental idea remains the same: great musicians playing great music for the whole family to enjoy together.  I wanted to record pieces that reflect my reasons for starting the series, and a varied selection of miniatures seemed very appropriate!
All pieces on this CD mean something special to me, either personally or pianistically, and they’re all ones that I want to share with my own children. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing them with yours, too.