Christmas Songs for Kids

Bach to Babies - Christmas Songs for Kids

Your little one's first Christmas is such a special time to share with friends and family, and the best way to celebrate is to make some musical memories together. Our family Christmas concerts run throughout the festive season, and are the perfect way to introduce your tot to some favourite Christmas songs or start a family tradition. From babies to pre-schoolers everyone loves a festive song and dance, so we’ve complied a list of our favourite kid-friendly Christmas tunes to get them up and on their feet. Whether it's baby's first Christmas or little one's seventh, there’s something here for everyone.

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Christmas Songs for Kids - Bach to Baby Favourites!

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Our favourite Christmas songs for kids:

1. Silent Night

You can watch David, one of our very own Bach to Baby performers, leading this beautiful song above. There's nothing more festive than singing this timeless lullaby to your child, and you can find our audience doing just that at one of our Christmas concerts – this song is perfect if the Christmas excitement is stopping your little one from sleeping! While Christmas can be a busy time for mums and dads, it's easy to take a few minutes out of your day to spend this quiet time with your kids no matter their age; you'll notice that ''all is calm' in no time at all!

2. Away In A Manger

This classic song is perfect way to introduce kids to the Christmas story, and to practice for one of our concerts! Remember, when you hear the sleigh bells it's time to sing, so kids and adults alike can come prepared and pitch perfect for our interactive carols. Little tots can be rocked along to this soothing tune - no manger required - while older ones may enjoy creating their own manger from a drawer or basket. Be careful not to rock yourself off to sleep though – we've got six more favourites for you to listen to first!

3. In The Bleak Midwinter

As the nights get longer and the days get shorter, it really does feel like the bleak midwinter. Don't let the weather get you down though, as this charming song will warm even the coldest of hearts! Kids will enjoy the song's soothing tune, which works especially well on babies, and can even dress up warm to really set the mood of the song. Grab your scarf and your best singing voice – this is one carol your little ones will want to hear over and over again.

4. Jingle Bells

While we love all of the songs on this list, Jingle Bells if definitely one of our favourites. The lyrics are simple enough that it's the perfect place to start if it's baby's first Christmas, but it's made even more fun for older kids with the addition of your very own sleigh bells. Jingle your way to one of our Christmas concerts and you can put your practicing to good use – there's nothing we like better than a good sing along. From grandma and grandpa to the newest addition to the family, everyone's welcome to grab a Santa hat and join in with this one!

5. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Everyone loves Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, so if your little one has experienced Christmas before it's unlikely you'll have to teach them the words. Younger tots enjoy having their own bright red nose painted on for this song, but it's the call and response aspect which keeps most kids entertained. If you have more than one child in your family you can split them between the main lyrics and the responses - there's no reason why adults can't join in too, this is one for the whole family!

6. Twelve Days of Christmas

We like to imagine that this song counts towards Christmas holiday homework! There's no need for your little one to have started counting though, as the lyrics are easy enough to pick up in any case, and even tiny tots love having a go at singing along. While lots of kids will recognise a French hen, you may need a picture or two of turtle doves at the ready for those with enquiring minds. We recommend exploring one of the presents each day in the lead up to Christmas – a brilliant opportunity for quality time and learning with your little one.

7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Although it's famous as a carolling song, there's no need to brave the elements when teaching little ones We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Keep the snow outside and instead let the kids have their first taste of figgy pudding – they might not like the dessert but they're bound to love the song! This tune is full of repetition so tots can pick up the words much faster than you might expect, making it perfect for performing for family and friends if your little one is brave enough!

8. Carol of the Bells

Although it's now performed all over the world during the festive season, this traditional Christmas song was originally based on a Ukrainian folk chant! Both the music and lyrics are beautiful, and so famous that you've probably heard them before without realising it. From our experience kids love to make this piece interactive, and a bell can turn this into a magical music-making experience for your little one. Older kids often relish the responsibility of leading the bells if you're singing as a group, while smaller tots love being able to chime into the music each time they hear a cue.

9. Walking in the Air

The Snowman is lots of people's favourite childhood Christmas memory, and Walking in the Air is the best part. We might not be lucky enough to get a white Christmas this year, but this classic song will easily transport your little one to the land of ice and snow and back again in time for tea! No need to wrap them up warm or remember your scarf, this beautiful music can generate all the atmosphere of deepest winter within the warmth of your own home.

10. Vivaldi's Winter

Vivaldi's Four Seasons is beautiful all year round, but Winter is perfect for the festive season. Watch Lucy, Tim and Miaomiao perform it above at one of our concerts, and let them wrap you in the festive spirit. Kids love picking out the gusts of wind and rain they can hear in the piece, which makes a brilliant introduction to classical music for tots of any age. This is one of the world's most famous pieces of music for a reason - you'll be reaching for the hot chocolate and chestnuts before you know it!