Frequently Asked Questions

Do babies enjoy classical music?

Every child is different, but we find that babies only a few days old may become quiet and still especially as they hear the music start. Older babies often smile, sing and wave their arms. Toddlers can show a full range of appreciation from clapping and singing to full on dancing. Our experience over thousands of concerts is that babies and young children can definitely appreciate and enjoy almost all styles of music - classical, jazz, folk, show tunes, all of which we feature at our concerts!

Is there an age limit for children?

No! Bring them all newborns, tots under 5, older kids off from school, we love them all.

How many children can I bring?

To make sure everyone enjoys the concert, each adult can bring up to 2 children with them for free!

Do you let adults in without a baby/child?

We don't; every group must come with at least one baby/child.

What do I need to bring along?

You don't need anything specific that you wouldn't take for a trip to the park with your baby. If it is going to be your first time out with your little one, we like this baby's first trip packing list.

Can my child's nursery /school come?

Absolutely! The concerts are very popular with nurseries and schools as an outing. Please ask the nursery to get in touch for guidelines and details.

My toddler can't sit still - can she still attend the concert?

Yes! The concerts are designed so that children can be themselves. They can feed during the concert, or have a crawl around. For those who are more adventurous, we usually have room in the back for them to explore under your supervision, and they can rejoin the music at any point when they feel like it.

My children have grown up with Bach to Baby, and are now in school. Can they still come?

Of course! That's why we now hold Friday 4pm concerts as well as some weekend concerts - so that you can get to a concert after the school-run. Like babes in arms, school-age children still get in for free. Children aside, what better way to begin a weekend for us adults!?!

This is also an excellent opportunity for older children to learn the art of attentive listening. While babies and toddlers are not expected to sit still, older children are encouraged to respect other audience members' enjoyment of the concert.

Can you crank up the volume?

Yes! We usually have a mic so you will be able to hear us speak. We wont be using the system when performing though.

While the children can cry and dance and sing as much as they like, we ask adult audiences to set a good example by keeping the chit-chat to a minimum so everyone can enjoy the quiet intimate moments of the music

For the best sound, and the best seats in the house, bring cushions and throws and come join us up front!

Can I bring my pram?

Yes! Our venues are accessible by ramp. Visit the venue page, and click on map and access to find out more. There is usually plenty of space for buggy parking. Of course, carriers are always welcome!

Once my mind is infused with high-art, can you play a few of my kids favourite nursery songs?

Wed be delighted. We will take requests on the day. And thanks to an enthusiastic audience member, I now know "The Teddy Bear's Picnic," so we can do that one too! If English isnt your mother tongue, not to worry; we have prepared a list of lyrics to the most beloved nursery rhymes for you to prep up before a concert, or to enjoy as a resource with your child any time.

The photos of the concerts are gorgeous. Do you have a professional photographer?

You've spotted it! We have a professional photographer on staff at most of our concert. Give us a few days to upload them onto our dedicated photos website, and then you can download them yourself for a nominal fee. If you prefer not to have your photos taken, please do speak to the photographer at the concert, and we'll get it sorted for you.

Can I book tickets for your concerts online?

Yes! You can buy tickets for each concert on the relevant location page. There are usually tickets available for the next few months. You only need tickets for adults though - children come for free to our concerts (up to 2 per adult)!

How long do the concerts last?

Our concerts usually last around 45 minutes. This is an approximation to help you plan your visit. We do our best to ensure timings are as prompt as possible but please be aware that these can vary by up to 10 minutes as they may be affected by last-minute programme changes and encores.

We love your concert series. Is there any chance you could come to our neighbourhood?

Yes! Please get in touch by email, and we'll go from there!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
Warm regards
Miaomiao and the Bach to Baby Team

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