Musicals for Kids to Perform

Musicals for Kids to Perform

If you've been to one of our Bach to Broadway concerts recently your little ones might have caught the musicals bug – here are our top ten recommendations if they want to have a go at performing too!

While everyone loves shows like Hamilton and Mamma Mia, some family favourites are just not suitable for young children. To help we've put together a list of shows your child will love to perform, and you can enjoy together without worry. From Step in Time to You Can't Stop The Beat, these classics will have tots up on their feet and on the stage in no time.

If you're new to Bach to Baby but love musicals look out for our Bach to Broadway series, featuring West End performers, where your little one can sample many of these songs alongside other favourite showtunes – they're welcome to have a dance and a sing along!

Our favourite musicals for kids to perform are:

1. Annie

Suitable for: 6+

Best songs

It's the Hard-Knock Life


The City's Yours

Everyone wants to play Annie, but it's not the only brilliant role for kids in this musical. Even the smallest of tots can have fun joining in with group numbers like 'It's the Hard Knock Life' and 'You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile' while older ones will relish the opportunity to spread their acting wings and dig into the musical's more emotional scenes.

While lots of large productions use a real dog this is by no means a requirement and we would recommend keeping it simple with a stuffed toy!

2. The Sound of Music

Suitable for: 6+

Best songs

My Favourite Things



With seven von Trapp children to choose from, there's a role for everyone in The Sound of Music. Aged between 5 and 16, what better excuse to get the whole family involved – after all, you need adults to play Maria and Captain Trapp too!

While there is a moderate sense of threat towards the end of the musical when the family flee Austria because of the Nazis, there's no violence, so you can use your own discretion about how suitable it is for younger ones.

The best part is – the 1965 film is so famous your children probably know most of the songs already!

3. Singin' In The Rain

Suitable for: 6+

Best songs

Singin' in the Rain

Good Morning

Make ‘em laugh

No child roles here, but lots of roles suitable for ambitious children - you probably can't recreate the title scene in its full glory, but a dry version is just as sweet and makes much less mess!

The musical adaptation follows the film very closely, so if your family is already a fan you won't be disappointed, but the catchy songs are easy to pick up if it's all new to your child. With all the love, hijinks and laughs of the original, your little ones will love taking the reins of this classic musical, and giving it their own twist in performance.

4. My Fair Lady

Suitable for: 6+

Best songs

I Could've Danced All Night

Wouldn't it Be Loverly

On the Street Where You Live

While it's hard to match the magic of Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews, but we know plenty of kids who would love to give it their best shot. From 'On The Street Where You Live' to 'Wouldn't It Be Loverly' this musical is packed full of classic songs your family will already know and love.

While we would suggest having a conversation with your child about Mr Higgins' behaviour towards Eliza, the musical is easily performed and requires minimal technical equipment – making it perfect for beginners!

5. Mary Poppins

Suitable for: 6+

Best songs

A Spoonful of Sugar


Chim Chim Cher-ee

Mary Poppins is a particular favourite for kids to perform in schools or theatre groups, and it' easy to see why. Instead of a straight adaptation of the 1964 film, the musical also borrows elements from the original P L Travers books, making it a whole new theatrical experience.

Little ones don't have to fight over the parts of Jane and Michael, as a whole new cast of characters means there's enough lines for everyone; just make sure they're not expecting the animated penguins or floating effects of laughter which Walt Disney added!

6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Suitable for: 6+

Best songs

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Truly Scrumptious

Hushabye Mountain

While you might not be able to recreate the flying car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a brilliant musical for all ages to perform. Lots of parents still remember the Childcatcher of the film with fear, but the musical allows you the freedom to tone down the fear factor so it's appropriate for your children.

While there are set child roles for your little ones, there's nothing to stop them taking on Caractacus Potts or Truly Scrumptious if they have the confidence – after all, the adult roles get the best songs!

7. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Suitable for: 8+

Best songs

Any Dream Will Do

Close Every Door

Go, Go, Go Joseph

If you're looking for a family-friendly musical everyone can get involved in, look no further than Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Over 20,000 schools and theatre companies have put on a production since it premiered in 1972, and we think you should be the next!

The musical is almost entirely sung, so the few lines of dialogue can be saved for more reserved singers, but the colourful costumes will bring even the shyest of children out of their shell. With both an adult and child chorus there's a role for everyone!

8. Oliver!

Suitable for: 8+

Best songs

Consider Yourself

As Long as He Needs Me


We'd be surprised to find anyone who hasn't heard 'Consider Yourself', and there's a reason Oliver! has been a hit with both adults and kids since 1976. You couldn't find a musical filled with more roles for children, and the plucky orphans are a brilliant role for any theatrically minded child to get stuck into.

There's some violence at the end when Bill is shot by a policeman, but if it's a worry you can always pop this musical in your back pocket until the little ones are a bit older, or try out of the many current regional productions to see how it's handled.

9. Hairspray

Suitable for: 11+

Best songs

The New Girl in Town

Without Love

You Can't Stop the Beat

Another choice popular with schools, Hairspray is a musical with an important message. While some scenes may be inappropriate for very young children, older ones will love performing the upbeat songs and fun sixties dance routines.

With strong, ambitious female characters and a clear message about the importance of body positivity, Hairspray is also a good musical for children and young teens who might need a little help figuring out who they are or how they should feel about themselves – Tracy has a positive outlook we could all do to adopt sometimes!

10. West Side Story

Suitable for: 11+

Best songs



Something's Coming

This modern Romeo and Juliet story is still as popular with both audiences and performers as it was when it was first debuted.

Older children often respond well to the responsibility of presenting West Side Story's difficult themes, rising to the challenge and dealing with some of the subject matter with empathy and sensitivity.

If you have younger ones who may not yet understand the message of the musical, they might enjoy listening to the soundtrack until they're old enough to tackle a full performance.

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