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As featured on BBC Radio 3 and seen in many British newspapers, Bach to Baby has become a rite of passage for many young families whilst being at the vanguard of the classical music industry.

What is Bach to Baby?

  • Bach to Baby is an established, critically acclaimed classical concert series with over 50 concerts every month across the UK, alongside special events and festivals throughout the season.
  • Known for its expertise in providing for the family audience, Bach to Baby breaks down many barriers on what can be and should be expected at a classical concert. Bach to Baby provides concerts enjoyed by the whole family from newborns to great-grandparents, giving everyone a chance to experience classical music up close and in a relaxed environment. Tots dance and roam about as adults are able to take time out of their busy days to listen to the performance and have a much needed cup of coffee.
  • There is a strong commitment to providing only the best quality; outstanding musicians, such as Royal harpist Anne Denholm, performing in venues ranging from Buckingham Palace to beautiful local churches on your doorstep, with programming that would be fit for the world’s top concert halls.

Founder of Bach to Baby and concert pianist Miaomiao Yu has delighted audiences across the world throughout her career as a performer. However, when Miaomiao started a family, she realised that the concert hall wasn’t quite as friendly anymore. She knew that children and babies of any age can enjoy, and should be able to experience, classical music. Miaomiao then set out to design a rigorous musical programme for babies with music ranging from Bach to Barber, from Chopin to Shostakovich whilst managing to think about every detail that could make the experience for both babies and adults that extra bit special. After only a few concerts Miaomiao realised the incredible demand and desire for such an activity, and was urged to grow the concept in every direction possible, bringing us to today’s outstanding series. Miaomiao was recently awarded an Action for Children’s Arts Members award, recognised for her ongoing work and achievements of Bach to Baby.

“At Bach to Baby we believe children can enjoy great live music from their very earliest moments. As a mother and pianist I see the awe and wonder in babies and young children when they hear classical instruments played by outstanding musicians for the first time at our concerts, and the joy families get from sharing great live music together. We are hugely passionate about our vision of bringing world class musical experiences to families right on their doorstep.”

Miaomiao Yu, Founder - Bach to Baby

With many sold-out concerts, the loyal Bach to Baby audiences have come to expect new, thrilling and stimulating classical music experiences for the whole family; something that Bach to Baby continue to deliver.

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