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July 2020

Meet Us at the Ballet

Jo Harris, trumpet

Bird Song 🐦

Miaomiao Yu, piano

Old MacDonald and his Farm πŸ„

Joseph Spooner, cello

Nicholas Bosworth, piano

Goodbye from Teddy! (he has loved it and we will be back next week) xx


Holiday Suite 🌴

Gwendolyn Cawdron, viola

June 2020

Timewarp ⏲

Dan Watts, flute & piano

Brady Pohle, piano & harpsicord

Ivy flew around with her butterfly wings on!

Ivy and Liz

Around the World on 47 Strings

Keziah Thomas, concert harp

Brilliant, thank you very much!


The Cat and the Fiddler

Joanna Lawrence, violin

Betsy really enjoyed dancing to the wonderful music. Thank you so much. X


That's All Folk!

Gabriella Swallow, cello

Thank you, that was great!
Have a super weekend! x


Klezmer Kaleidoscope

Iosif Purits, accordion

We can't believe there are so many buttons on the accordion!!

Bollo Chimby

Magyar Magic

Miki Takahashi, violin

Adam RΓΆmer, viola

❀ Amazing


Baccanalia! πŸ‡

Rebecca Wood, oboe

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes asks Jack
He loved that! Thank you!


Magnificent Mozart

Miaomiao Yu, piano

Hi from Felix who is 6 months and is loving Mozart!


Fuego Latino πŸ”₯

Elena Zucchini, guitar

What a fantastic way to start the new week / month with. You brought lots of sunshine and joy into our living room. Pure escapism, thank you 🌞 🌹

Fran & George

May 2020

Waltz of the Flowers 🌺

Amanda Cousin, flute

Thank you so much οΏ½ great joy taken in the flute!


Music of the Sea 🌊

Keziah Thomas, concert harp

Ooh thanks for singing my favourite song!


The Four Seasons

Iosif Purits, accordion

wow!!!!! we tangoed all over the room


A Little Knight Music βš”

Jamie Akers, lute/guitar

That was wonderful, thank you so very much!


Keys to Romance πŸ’–

Miaomiao Yu, piano

Thank you for this beautiful musical journey

Yvonne and Ellie

It Takes Two 🎻 🎻

Adam RΓΆmer, viola

Miki Takahashi, violin

Beautiful! πŸ™‚ Maya says 'super' πŸ’

My Celtic Heart πŸ’š

Jean Kelly, harp

Thank you very much. That was lovely and fun. πŸ‘ 😍

Safia and Sumaya xx

Mr Hippopotamus & Friends πŸ¦›

Joanna Lawrence, violin

thank you so much for singing for Yehia! that was AMAZING! YOU BRIGHTENED OUR DAY!


Paris, je t'aime! 🌹

Bartosz Glowacki, accordion

Thank you that's made OUR Monday.

Fran & George

Hornutopia! πŸ“―

Martin Lawrence, horn

Hello from your biggest fans - Kate, Imogen and Felix in Oxford!


Island Fantasy 🌴

Miaomiao Yu, piano

Thank you so much!!! Leo was very impressed πŸ˜„


Fiesta Cubana πŸŽ‰

Elena Zucchini, guitar

This is totally beautiful, having a big family cuddle as we listen


April 2020

Hello Cello πŸ‘‹

Gabriella Swallow, cello

Alex 5 Thomas 3 are loving it!!!


London Town

Jean Kelly, harp

Duncan is awake and transfixed! Thanks so much πŸ™‚


Here comes the Sun | jazz concert 🌞

Elisa & Jo Caleb, voice & guitar

Thank you. You should have seen the lovely big smiles on Beatrice's face!

Lucille & Beatrice

All in the Family πŸ’ž

Dominika Anna Rosiek, violin

Khac-Uyen Nguyen, violin

Wonderful concert. Thank you. George was so relaxed he fell asleep to the girls singing Edelweiss 😍

Fran & George

Dances and Dreams

Rebecca Wood, oboe

Thank you so much for bringing the sun inside!


Scenes from Childhood

Miaomiao Yu, piano

We're happy and we know it - thank you!


The Magic Flute ✨

Mary Thorneloe, flute

That was amazing! Elliott LOVED it! Well done for making it so easy to follow πŸ™‚


Teddy Bears' Picnic 🧸

Alexandra Callanan, bassoon

Playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow has made my daughters day, we sing it every night 😍


The Golden Harp

Keziah Thomas, concert harp

Absolutely loved today's concert! Will be joining Friday for sure. Thank you so much. Best thing we have done together online during Lockdown! Awesome!


Sweet Viola for Easter 🎻

Gwendolyn Cawdron, viola

Thank you so much from Lahore in Pakistan. Sassi is overjoyed!



Amanda Cook, classical guitar

Thank you so much, that was wonderful. Our first time with Bach to Baby and we will definitely be back!


Meet the Trumpets 🎺 🎺

Jo Harris, trumpet

Neil Brough, trumpet

Thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Thank you. The balance of nursery rhymes and music was great x


My Lady Greensleeves

Rebecca Austen-Brown, period instruments

That was exquisite. We're enjoying the period theme. Please do it again!


March of the Toy Soldier

Bartosz Glowacki, accordion

It was my 2 year old brother's first proper concert and he was entranced! He kept waving at the screen saying hello and amazing so we'll definitely be back for more!



Miaomiao Yu, piano

Amazing thank you! Rosa and baby Thomas were playing along on their saucepans